Glendale by Ann Goering

04 May


I just finished reading the book Glendale and am excited to review it, but first, let me tell you how I even came to learn that this book existed.

I was at a local homeschool convention and decided to do something beyond my comfort zone when I saw an author sitting at her booth. Her books looked interesting, but I couldn’t afford them at that time. A thought struck me; why not ask her if I could review one of her books on my blog? Bravely, the introverted me, walked over to her booth. She was in the middle of talking to someone else, but while she was talking, another woman (whom I later found out was also working that booth) came over, smiling. “Hi! Can I help you?” I looked up at her, a little shocked, because I thought she had walked over from a different booth and I found that kind of strange. “Um, well, I was just gonna ask her if she wanted me to review one of her books on my blog.” She grinned excitedly. “Oh! That’s great! Are you a writer?” “Um, yes.” I still was kind of weirded out. She then proceeded to tell me about this young writer’s conference this summer. (I have to admit, I think she’s got me convinced to at least check it out!) She told me to write down my blog address and email so she could send me the info. While I was writing, the other lady finished talking, and this woman explained what I was there for. (I might add that I was very relieved that she did the part that I was so nervous about! 😉) The author turned to me and asked me a gazillion questions and even looked at my blog right there, on the spot, on her iPad. She eventually asked me if I read Kindle books. I told her I had Kindle on my iPad, but I preferred paper. (At that point I knew I wasn’t getting a paperback.) She offered to email me a code to get the book on Amazon for my Kindle and I accepted. That was a week ago and I still haven’t seen it.

However, I noticed another author’s booth. I thought, Hey, it worked once! Maybe it’ll work again! So I stopped by. I had never heard of the book series, or the author, so I asked what she wrote about. She said that they were romance novels. Well, that caught my attention. 😉 After all, what teenage girl doesn’t enjoy romance stuff. 😜 I figured, she’s at a homeschool conference; most of us court, or at least believe in purity before marriage! Should be safe! So, I told her about my blog. She asked if I reviewed the usual way, by her giving me the book and me reviewing it. I told her I did. She appeared to not even think twice about it before handing me the first book in her series and thanking me!

So, lets get to the review, shall we? After all, that’s what this is all about!

I must admit that I was shocked at seeing the word “boobs” used repeatedly on the first couple pages. Not that that’s a bad word exactly, but as a “sheltered” homeschooler, it’s practically a four letter word! Just kidding, but it just isn’t said. (Made me blush writing it out, too. LOL) By the way, this is the story of 15 year old Jessica Cordel. Her parents just divorced, due to her father having an affaire. (The father’s new girlfriend has breast implants… to explain the “‘b’ word” usage. 😉) Anyway, she and her mother, who she doesn’t exactly get along with, move to the small city of Glendale from D.C., where her cheating Senator father lives. City girl Jessi is not happy about the move. She has to change schools, make new friends, etc. She eventually meets a nice, Christian boy, 17 year old Joe Colby. She doesn’t understand his morals and views on relationships, but he’s attractive, and she is determined to make him her boyfriend. His only goal, although attracted to her, is to witness to her. Both of their lives change as they grow closer together, making each other their gods.

Overall, very good book. Well written. I believe that this was Ann Goering’s first novel, and I think I read that she wrote it in her senior year of high school. It held my attention and left me hanging. (The sign of a wise author. 😉 It’s like a Lay’s chip, “You can’t have just one!” I want to read the next one, but I would have to buy it, because my library doesn’t have it.) It was a quick read. Most books take me about two weeks. I finished Glendale in two days. I will mention that the theme is kind of mature. Nothing graphic or inappropriate, but sex and abstinence are a constant theme throughout the book, as well as other current world issues. So, I would highly advise an age limit on this one. 15+ is probably safe.

You can buy Glendale here

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