Pants on the Ground? Allons-y!

24 May


Mom and I always enjoy the times we get to fellowship with different exhibitors when we are at homeschool conventions. We love to go out to dinner after convention hours. My only request was that we not have Mexican food. I am not a huge fan of it, although it’s Mom’s favorite. We ended up needing a ride back to the hotel though, so we were stuck at the liberty of whatever the exhibitor taking us wanted. They, of course, wanted Mexican. Well, I just went with the flow. As it turned out, we ended up eating with a British couple. Like, legit Brits. Like, moved to the U.S. from London 6 months ago. Lets just say, awesome. It was fun to talk to them. We talked about the differences between American English and British English. I.E. She asked for a “sachet” of sugar to go in her tea. A napkin is called a “serviette”. It was very interesting to hear. The word that made for the most interesting conversation was the word, “pants.” Pants, in the UK, would be what we call…

20130524-003359.jpg We decided that definitely brought new meaning to the song “Pants on the Ground.”


Of course, how could you not meet British people and talk about Doctor Who??? If you have not watched Doctor Who, you are missing out!

For those of you who are Whovians and would like to know, my favorite Doctor is Eleven (Matt Smith). I just don’t get Ten (David Tennant)

20130524-001216.jpg “Allons-y!”

My favorite companion is most definitely Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).

20130524-001453.jpg “Raggedy Man, I remember you and you are Late. For. My. Wedding!”

And… My ABSOLUTE favorite character is River Song (Alex Kingston).

20130524-002309.jpg “Hello, Sweetie.” Oh! Oops. “Spoilers.”

Also, if you are a Whovian you NEED to watch this video with David Tennant and Catharine Tate (or Ten and Donna Noble) But, if you aren’t a Whovian, it won’t make total sense, as a fair warning.

What’s your opinion of British culture?


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