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You Pick Winner: Dating Vs. Courting


My first You Pick winner is Tirzah from Tirzah’s Delights. She requested I write about courting vs. dating, a popular topic amongst homeschoolers, and often the source of debates between homeschool kids and their public school friends. Please keep in mind that these are my personal thoughts, and that I have not dated or courted yet.

When I was 9, Mom took me to a hotel and we stayed the night there together. It was at that time that I got my purity ring. (We later decided that 9 was a little bit too young and my siblings all got theirs at 12.) We talked about what purity (in body, and mind) meant, because I honestly had no idea. I hadn’t really thought about boys at all, besides the “crush” I had on the little neighbor boy across the street that one year…

Anyway, the way Mom explained “saving my heart” was this: “When you date someone, imagine this paper heart. Imagine that with each guy you date, you write his name on a piece of that heart. When you break up, tear his name off. The heart gets smaller and smaller. One day, you’ll find the guy you were meant to marry and you’ll give him your heart. He’ll see that you did not give him your whole heart and be sad. You want to give him your whole heart, but you know you can’t because you already threw pieces of it away.”

I love it when Josh Harris is explaining it in his book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” He pictured himself standing by his bride on his wedding day, but one by one, his ex-girlfriends all walked in the door. He was very embarrassed at not being able to give his bride his whole heart.

You know, it’s hurts me to see girls, both public schooled and homeschooled, who nearly once a week are changing their relationship status on Facebook. To think that they have a new boyfriend every month, or even every week… Why are they wasting their lives like that? What is wrong with our society that kids think they have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend hanging on their arm….mouth….etc. to be cool? Why are we training our kids to live lives of divorce? Because, really, isn’t that what dating is? A precursor for divorce? When you get into a relationship you need to stay committed. You can’t just decide that person is boring now and leave them. The only reason to leave a relationship/marriage is in an abusive situation.

And sex. Boy. Where in the WORLD did we get so off track there???? First of all, it is NOT okay to have sex outside of marriage! And kids! Really? 13 year old kids! Sometimes even younger! People refer to sex so casually now. It’s like everyone does it. It’s not private anymore and you’re weird for waiting until you’re married. Ugh.

Courting. Now THAT is something special. Courting is typically with the intent of marriage. Meaning, when two people enter a courtship they are learning the person, getting to know their family, etc. The thought of the only time you spend with a person you’re interested in being around their family freaks a lot of people out. But really, think about it. When you marry someone, you marry their family, and they marry yours. There isn’t really any way of getting out of it. So, way not start off right with the prospective in-laws?

Rarely will a couple break off a courtship, but it does happen. They come to realize that going into a marriage together is more harmful than good. Another thing about courting is when you court someone, you’re going to be spending a lot of time around them and they are going to see how you interact with your family (which we all know is not always the best.). They’re going to see some of the worst sides of you. And that’s okay. Because it’s dumb to go in to a marriage thinking someone is perfect. When you date someone you typically put on your best self, because no one who would notice is going to be there, so people tend to get false opinions.

Yes, I know that there are “lots of fish in the sea,” but I also that God just happens to have someone picked out for each of us and He just happens to have a time set up for us to meet that someone. πŸ˜€ Let’s not date people like we’re going in to the dressing room to try on clothes, then tossing them over the door if they don’t fit, or look good on us. Remember that when you are in a relationship with someone you are messing with their heart. Please don’t date someone just for fun.

Everybody is going to do things differently, I know that. I know that God has written a different love story for each of us. I just ask that you really think through how this could affect this person’s heart, as well as their future spouse and your future spouse.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable


I picked a picture of my horse for this weeks photo challenge with the theme “Companionable.” Rivver is my companion! I love that little girl!


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“There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.”


I will write my You Pick posts within the next two weeks, but for now, a thought occurred to me as I sit here moaning because it feels like my jaw could fall to the floor and my head could explode at any moment.

I got braces almost two years ago. I just had them adjusted yesterday and they hurt so bad right now. I am stuck on a temporary diet of applesauce and yogurt, I have a killer headache and my jaw hurts. I realized that my braces are a metaphor, of sorts, of life. How so?

In the same way that a few years ago my teeth were horribly crooked, ugly and unhealthy, our life is like that. Before we were saved through the blood and grace of Jesus Christ, our lives were terrible and dirty and ugly. People, and maybe even us were afraid to look at what our lives were really like.

In the same way that my braces are fixing my teeth in a slow process, carefully turning and straightening them, giving me a new mouth, God is slowly working in our lives. He’s fixing us. Changing our hearts from that ugly state that they used to be in. He’s giving us a new beginning, a beginning to not be ashamed of.

In the same way that when I am in so much pain I am careful to not eat the foods that I know will hurt me, no matter how bad I want them, we need to be careful not to take part of the things that will hurt us, or make us go back to who we were, i.e. sexual immorality, drinking, lying, etc.

In the same way that even with the braces, my teeth would be nothing without Dr. Scott adjusting them every month and my parents paying for them every month, we need other believers to stand beside us and keep us accountable. We cannot do this on our own. We cannot live life without God. It’s impossible.

In the same way that I know that when all this is over I will be sooo grateful for all the pain I endured, we need to keep our sights set on the end results. Yes, there will be pain now, but when it’s all said and done it will be so worth it.

Are you living for the end result?


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You Pick


Let’s do something new! And challenging for me. Comment with two suggestions for a blog post. I will pick one topic out of the first two approved comments and write a post about those topics. If you comment with a subject I refuse to write about because I believe it goes against my morals, your comment will be deleted.


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What I Thought of Being Homeschooled (Honestly)


When I say homeschooling, what immediately comes to your mind? Something like this?

Or this?


What about this?

Think we do this all day?


I was enrolled in public school in preschool, but God had convicted the hearts of my parents to keep me home. So, I was in public school for one day, but I have never been to public school. πŸ™‚ It’s actually somewhat of a miracle that Mom and Dad had even considered homeschooling. First of all, they, like everybody else, had not truly seen what homeschooling looked like and had seen some bad examples. Second, both of their parents were heavily involved in the public schools. My mom’s mom was a teacher and very involved in PTA. Mom was one of the first members of the junior PTA board in the country. My dad’s mom worked in the court system and was involved in prosecuting homeschoolers.

When Mom and Dad said that they were going to be homeschooling their kids, everybody pretty much considered my socialization as have being thrown out the window. It is true that I was always shy, but that doesn’t mean I’m not social. To be honest, homeschoolers are some of the most social creatures! How many public schooled kids do you know that can carry on a full conversation with an adult and not get bored? What about public schoolers who are willing to sit down with a toddler and play Barbies or Rescue Heroes? Shy and anti-social are two different things. I just happen to be an introvert. It has nothing to do with being homeschooled, because I have siblings who are very outgoing.

Questions I always hated…
“You don’t have any friends your age?” My answer: “I have some, but most of my friends are older than me and more mature. Isn’t it better that way?”
“Why aren’t you in school?” My answer: “I’m homeschooled.”
“Do you need an excuse for today?” My answer: “Nope.” (Then they give me a funny look…)
“Do you really go to school in your pajamas?” My answer: “Not usually.”
“Don’t you want a locker?” (Okay, seriously? I could care less. But I did want a backpack…)
“What grade are you in?” My answer: “I don’t know.”

Speaking of grades. That was always a source of irritation. First of all, you never know what grade you’re in! When you’re in public or private school, you’re in the same grade in every subject. Unless you were good enough at one subject to become an Honor student. One of the blessings of homeschooling is that you can be in a higher grade if you are better at a subject or a lower one if you struggle. That means though, that you never really know what grade you’re in. Second, I didn’t like grades because for instance, I was/am terrible at math. Most of the time, my younger brother was in a higher grade of math than me. That kind of put me down. A couple years before I graduated we really ditched grades. I wish we had done that sooner.

It’s kind of funny, because since my parents were so public school minded, they thought school had to look like a class room. Mom didn’t know this until last year, but my dad had gone so for as to looking into buying school desks for us. School doesn’t have to look like that! In fact, whenever we were told we HAD to sit somewhere for schoolwork, especially somewhere like a table, it was a lot harder to concentrate! When we got to sit where we wanted, like, the couch, or our beds, school was a lot easier and a lot less stressful. My sister would literally be upside down on the couch. Mom would get upset with her because it looked like she was goofing off. Recently, however, we realized she’s dyslexic. Being upside down was actually better for her than being upside right.

Have I ever wanted to go to public school? No. There were a few times I thought it’d be okay to go just one day to see what it’s like. But I never asked Mom if I could go, or even thought about it. It did not sound fun. Not to mention the fact that they do several hours of school a day and I only did 2-4 hours. And the teacher wouldn’t be able to help me with my math. Did you know that parents who send their kids to school lose roughly 6 years of their child’s life? Why would anybody want that? Not to mention the fact of the influences in their life? The teachers have more influence than the parent. Then there’s bullies, drugs and shootings, and nobody is allowed to conceal and carry to protect anybody.

My favorite subjects were writing, history (especially Revolutionary War era) and spelling.
My least favorites were science, language arts, math and geography.

My favorite curriculums (Please note that I am a visual learner and these materials may not work as well for other learning styles.):

Teaching Textbooks


Language Arts:
Total Language Plus


Mystery of History

For anybody who is wondering, I did graduate. πŸ˜‰ I graduated in a formal graduation and I do have a diploma.
I am not going to college. I am not of the belief that everyone has to go to college. I am learning how to be a home maker in preparation for marriage. And I am socialized. Yes, I will homeschool my kids and am thankful that Mom and Dad homeschooled me. I believe they made the right choice.

If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to ask. πŸ™‚




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New Baby Bunnies


Yesterday (June 16, 2013), Ashton’s rabbit, Felicity (bred to Clover) had babies. 5 of them. Three of them look like Clover, two of them are black with white markings.


That’s the one I want. πŸ™‚ Assuming it’s a male, it is mine.



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