When Friends Give You Horses… Make Tiny Horses

10 Jun

8 months ago (October of 2012) I bought my third horse, Lady. The day after I bought Lady and friend messaged me saying that she had a miniature horse that she had rescued that needed a home because she was moving. She wanted to make sure the horse had a good home to go to, because the mare had had some abuse in her recent history. My friend had bought Jazzy (All That Jazz) at an auction three months prior to me bringing her home. Jazzy had been a skeleton when Rhea bought her and she had had a rod stuck in her shoulder and could barely walk.


I had decided to have Jazzy, really only as a pasture buddy for Lady and to help Rhea out. I wasn’t really looking for a second horse, and didn’t have a need for a mini. Rhea said to keep an eye on her weight. Mini’s get fat very easily and Jazzy was borderline obese. If I didn’t watch her she could founder.


As time went on Jazzy kept getting fatter. A neighbor brought her kids over to meet the horses one day. The 8 year old daughter took one look at Jazzy and asked if she was pregnant. “No.” I said, “She’s just fat.” But, I wasn’t entirely convinced of that. The more I looked at her, the more I wondered. About December I finally text a breeder friend some pictures of Jazzy’s protruding belly. I figured that she would say I was crazy. She didn’t. She said, “That is definitely a baby bump.” I didn’t want to be so certain on that yet, but cautious.


Jazzy has taken some work, being a rescue horse with an abusive history. She is terrified of humans. She took a lot of work before we could finally catch her. And 7 times within the course of 36 hours she got out and ran away. I was really considering selling her. I didn’t think I could handle training her. I didn’t though, I just pushed through.


A picture of her huge belly. (Probably December)


The further along we went, the more I was convinced there was a baby inside. I even felt some kicks. We decided to take her in to the vet for an ultrasound in February.


The vet had to shave off a patch of hair, about three inches thick to even get to her belly. He did the ultrasound, claiming he didn’t see anything. We didn’t see anything on the monitor either. He kind of led to the fact that he didn’t think she was pregnant, but he said she could be. If she was she would be due about late May, early June 2013. (Horses gestational period is 11 months. Minis sometimes go 12 months.)

I kind of dismissed the thought that she was preggers. Mid May I was looking at her again. She had lost all of the three inch thick hair since the vet, and was just as round, maybe even rounder. The muscles around her tail were loose and swollen, her udders were slightly swollen, her belly was v-shaped, she was moving slower… All signs of impending labor.


On June 1st, Dad came into my room saying, “Jazzy had her baby!” He woke me up. I flew out of bed, half not believing that he was serious and called my best friend as I had promised I would if something happened.


Jazzy had given birth to a beautiful filly (girl) in the midst of a bad storm. I didn’t believe my eyes. But, here she is.










I named her Rivver Storm. Rivver is after River Song, my favorite character on Doctor Who (and I’ve always wanted to name a horse that.) and Storm is because she was born in a Storm.

She is now 10 days old. She is super playful and curious. She is teething and afraid of chickens. She knows her name and I taught her to give kisses.

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One response to “When Friends Give You Horses… Make Tiny Horses

  1. Grace

    June 11, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    How adorable! Glad she had her filly safely, and so happy you can give her a good home! I’m with you about minis though, I’d rather just have horses big enough to ride. 😉


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