To Drive or Not to Drive

19 Aug


To drive or not to drive? That was the question 3 years ago. Most 15 year old girls are super excited to get their permits so they can start their path to freedom. Not me. I had Mom to transport me around, and when she couldn’t, Grandma could. I felt 15 was too young to be on the road. Not to mention I was terrified. Terrified of learning, terrified of getting in a wreck. Just scared. So, I made the decision to not learn yet. I just knew that was not ready.

It drove me crazy that my Dad and my grandparents were always down my neck asking me if I wanted to go out and practice. I felt pushed. It also got on my nerves when other kids or adults were surprised I wasn’t driving yet. I felt that people were not understanding that I was not ready. Mom understood that I was waiting for a reason, that I knew what was best and I would tell them when I was ready.

I did get my permit eventually, just for a form of ID. I think I was 16. I actually took the test the same day that my 15 year old brother took it. I missed the allotted 5 questions, Hunter missed 4.

The very few times I did drive I was extremely tense and uncomfortable. My younger brother was learning a lot faster.

Recently, Mom brought up several times that she really was beginning to wish I could drive. I started to realize that maybe it was time. Funny thing, when I started driving this time I am a million more times comfortable driving. It wasn’t the practice, because I hadn’t had much. It was the fact that I waited until I was ready. I still have a lot to learn and I still make mistakes, but I am excited to get my license in a few months. So, yes, I was a weird kids who waited until I was ready to start learning at 17/18, but it worked out for the best. Oh, I might mention that I learned in a 15 passenger van…

I also have a great first car to get me there. 🙂


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