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Book Review- Divergent by Veronica Roth


After I finished The Fault in Our Stars I immediately started on Divergent. I had heard a lot about it, yet I knew nothing about it. A few of my bit more conservative Christian friends had even read it. And as with TFIOS there is a movie coming out soon, and I wanted to read the book first. (It’s funny, the girl who plays Hazel and the boy who plays Augustus in TFIOS are the same ones who play Beatrice and her brother, Caleb, in Divergent.)

My immediate thoughts were that it felt like mouthwash after reading TFIOS (only one minor cuss word) and that it reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games. Only, without all the killing. In the Hunger Games, every kid from 12-18 is subject to the possibility of their name being drawn and having to compete in the Hunger Games, where they kill other kids until there is one victor. It is set in future North America, called Panem. There are no longer states, but districts, 12 of them. In Divergent, when you turn 16 you are required to choose which faction you will be in for the rest of your life. There are 5 factions. You are free to choose whichever, but not choosing the one that you were born into, may mean shunning from your family and faction. You are given an aptitude test which helps you decide which faction you belong in. And after you pick your faction you go through an initiation process.

Beatrice Prior has 5 unique factions to choose from.

There is Abnegation, the faction she was born into. The people in it are known to be selfless. They are a lot like the Amish in a way. They believe that not one person is to be higher than another, therefore, they all wear loose fitting, dull, gray clothing and only cut their hair every 3 months. They cannot look in a mirror and the only adornment they are allowed is a watch, as it is practical.

There is Candor, the honest.

There is Amity, the peaceful.

And Erudite, the intelligent.

And finally, Dauntless, the brave.

Which will she choose?

She falls in love with a man in her faction of choice, but it is not easy. And on the way, Beatrice learns of many secrets. Secrets of her mother, secrets of her brother, secrets of her new love and she, herself is keeping a very important one.

Now, as a final review….

I loved the book. I actually liked it more than The Hunger Games series. It’s set in future Chicago, which made it interesting, since I have been to Chicago recently. It made it real, as a lot of the landmarks I saw were still there, like the ferris wheel I rode. It would be appropriate for about 14 and up. There were no bedroom parts, per se. Although, she almost gets raped by some of the other initiates, and it mentions that they “grabbed” her and laughed saying that she was no more than a little girl. She and the man she loves kiss quite a bit and he unzips her jacket and kisses the tattoos on her collar bone. They do not sleep together though, as it is made known that they are both afraid. I did not have a problem with any of this, I am just letting you know as I know some mothers may be reading this review with their kids in mind, so I hope to give you an idea of what they will be reading. I would be okay with my 14 year old sister reading it, but not my almost 13 year old sister. I cannot wait for the movie and I look forward to reading the second book, Insurgent. (I will write reviews on both)

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Book Review- The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


I am on Instagram a lot. Too much. That’s a different story, but through it I get a pretty good idea of what “kids these days” are into. Well, I recently have seen a lot of “Okay? Okay.” and a lot of #tfios going around. So, curious ol’ me asked what TFIOS meant. The Fault in Our Stars, I was told. Apparently it’s being made into a movie coming out this year. I am a bit of a movie geek and searched it on one of my favorite apps, IMDB. Through that I learned the synopsis. The Fault in Our Stars (by John Green who is a vlog brother if you are familiar with them on YouTube.) is about a teenage girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who is fighting lung cancer who meets a teenage boy named Augustus “Gus” Waters who previously fought cancer and lost his leg. They fall in love, as predicted, but there is a whole lot more to the story. So, anyway, I decide it actually looked pretty good and put the book on hold from the library.

It took it’s sweet time getting to me, of course, as it had over 100 holds on it, but the other day, I finally got it. So, what did I think about it? Let me start by mentioning that growing up, I picked books mainly from the children’s section. At that age, they didn’t have to be Christian, as they were usually fine. However, if a book had even one cuss word, I returned it without finishing it. As I got older I ventured in to Christian fiction in the adult section. I rarely went into the young adult area, because the normal fiction was disgusting and the Christian fiction was made for either boys, and was about dragons, or for teen girls and was about shopping and boys. Neither interested me. So I stuck to the adult section. I read mainly historical fiction and some Christian romance. I am not very adventurous in my reading. So to read TFIOS was different. It wasn’t Christian, it was in the young adult category and just not what I read.

I’m not sure it is appropriate for under 18. MAYBE a mature 16-17, but I don’t know. There was too much language for my taste. At least two uses of every word I am aware of. But plenty more than two of several words. I wouldn’t normally finish a book with that much language, but I never felt like I shouldn’t continue. There was a one page risqué “scene.” It wasn’t awful, but again, not PG. It was a cute story, sad too, just more than I was prepared for, having read “safe” books all my life.

Would I read it again? No. Would I let my siblings read it? No. Do I want to see the movie? Yes, I do, but I am positive there will be “stuff” in it. IF I watch it, it will probably be with my mom only, without my siblings around.

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